Dubai: Hundreds of vacancies are up for grabs at an open day for jobseekers in Dubai today and the employment opportunities are available to those looking to work in the banking and financial services sector.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has announced that at least 357 jobs have just opened up at various banks and financial institutions in the emirate.

New jobs in UAE,

The vacancies, however, are open only to Emirati nationals.

By Gulfnews

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According to Gulf News Survey: Latest data show which jobs are best to apply for in UAE today, and ones to avoid

Dubai: With many companies still slow about hiring, the odds may continue to be not in jobseekers’ favour these days. The number of employment openings across the UAE remains low compared to the previous peak periods, according to the latest analysis, but certain professions are still in demand.

Recruitment tracker has recently browsed thousands of vacancy listings from July to September this year and pegged some occupations or skills that have risen or fallen in demand.

Among the jobs that are seeing an increase in hiring are those in the marketing field. This is mainly due to a growing trend of companies looking to hire competent individuals, to cash in on a major consumer spending boom in the UAE.

According to, there has been an “impressive surge” in the recruitment of marketing professionals in the country.

“An increase in consumer spending unsurprisingly feeds into the need to understand the nature of demand; what are people buying? What are their shopping habits? The marketing industry is therefore beginning to benefit from the continued growth of the consumer goods sector,” said Sanjay Modi, managing director of Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Here’s a quick look at the professions that are sought after right now and how much they pay monthly – and the ones that are seeing a slowdown in hiring.

An important note to keep in mind, however, is that the succeeding salaries, provided by recruitment specialists Hays, are for illustration purposes only. Actual compensation may vary, depending on company size and employee qualifications/ experience.

the boss

% of increase in job listings: 28%
Average monthly salaries of select jobs
Head of marketing/ marketing director: 50,000
Marketing manager: 22,000
Brand manager: 20,000
Event manager: 15,000
Marketing executive: 12,500

A handful of corporations

% of increase in job listings: 28%
Average salaries* of select jobs
Head of communications: 42,000
Public relations manager: 32,000
Social media executive: 12,000

Software (including hardware and telecom)

Shereef Bishay, co-founder of Dev Bootcamp (centre), with a student during a class

% of increase in job listings: 16 per cent
Average salaries* of select jobs
Software development manager: 34,000
Software developer/engineer: 13,500

Engineering and production
Cost-effective steps

% of increase in job listings: Zero
Average salaries* of select jobs
Senior resident engineer: 55,000
Senior project manager: 49,000
Resident engineer: 36,000
Engineering manager: 30,000
Senior planning engineer: 29,000
Structural engineer: 16,000
Site engineer: 10,000
Mechanical engineer: 9,500
Assistant/junior engineer: 6,000
Electrical engineer: 5,000
Civil engineer: 4,500

Sales and business development
Reworking strategies

% of increase/decrease in job listings: -28%
Average salaries* of select jobs
Sales director: 60,000
Head of business development: 40,000
Head of sales: 40,000
Senior sales manager: 40,000
Sales manager: 30,000
Business development manager: 30,000
Business development consultant: 15,000
Sales support/executive: 12,500

Human resources and administration

Human resources experts and office managers

% of increase/decrease in job listings: – 22 per cent
Average salaries* of select jobs
Compensation and benefits manager: 40,000
Learning and development manager: 27,500
HR manager: 30,000
Senior recruiter: 17,000
Learning and development assistant: 14,500
HR officer/ coordinator: 12,000
Recruiter: 10,000

*Salary figures are in dirhams and include bonuses, allowances and other benefits

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